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Although many successful leaders spend a lot of time consulting and coaching others within their organizations, many times being “top dog” can be a lonely place.

The million dollar questions:

  • Who coaches the coach?
  • Who coaches the CEO?
  • Who coaches the business owner?
  • Who coaches the senior pastor?
  • Who coaches the leaders of any organization? 


As a leader, ask yourself: Do I have someone in my life who is not impressed with my current accomplishments or status, someone who will stretch me toward my full potential? Leaders leverage the advantages of a personal consultant or coach.

Introducing—The Leaders of Destiny Coaching Experience

We help executive leaders construct a crystal clear vision, establish a success-proven growth structure, and develop a strategic action plan for their organization that enable them to lead more effectively and experience organizational transformation. We call this the CSP Process: Clarity | Structure | Planning. This process is the basis for growth, health, and success, which are determined by three organizational needs:

1. Speed      2. Quality     3. Results

The Leaders of Destiny strategic planning program assists you in achieving these three needs by helping you develop the clarity, focus, and the proper execution steps necessary to give you the winning edge.

Based on the principles from Dr. Keith Johnson’s book, Leaders of Destiny—Get Clear, Get Focused, Get Moving, leaders are guided through a proven 12-step, action-oriented process that delivers significant results.






What Leaders Are Saying:

“...This book and consulting program are vital tools for leaders who want to develop a compelling, strategic plan for the future. If you are serious about turning your dreams into reality—read and study this book.”
Dr. Samuel R. Chand, Leadership Expert


“If you are looking for constructive feedback to help define the future of your organization, this book is a valuable asset. The leadership, sales, marketing, and branding insights will move your team to the next level and beyond!”
—Bobb Biehl, Executive Consultant, Founder of Masterplanning Group International


“To become a leader with longevity, you must become a leader of destiny. Most leaders have a sprint span, but true leaders must have a span to finish a marathon. This book and coaching program give you the education and motivation to be a leader who gets quick results and leaves a lasting legacy.”
—John P. Kelly, President of LEAD 

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