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Accelerate – We Put Senior Pastor on the Fast-Track to Success by Helping them break through Spiritual, Numerical, and Financial Barriers.

  • Does your weekly church attendance regularly hit what seems to be an invisible ceiling?
  • Are you tired of today's dismal economy affecting your church budget?


If you answered “YES!” to these questions, you'll be glad to know that help is available.

We recognize the challenges that today’s church organizations and pastors face. We bring a proven, results-focused system that addresses those challenges head-on. Our clients see phenomenal growth, reach the lost, and have a significant impact on their communities. Regularly we receive testimonies of how our clients broke through their numerical barriers: the 1000+ membership barrier, the 600 barrier, the 350 barrier. One pastor of a country church recently exclaimed, “We have more cows in this area than people,” when his church broke the 200 barrier. 

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