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Executive Coach; COO of Destiny Coaching Group
Certified Life and Leadership Coach; Accredited Management Consultant

Expertise: Business Growth and Key Performance Indicators Evaluation (specializing in the service industry), Goal Setting and Performance Planning, Health Motivation, Confidence Building

Website: http://www.seamlesscoach.com/



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Life Coaching Certification Academy - Online

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Our certification program is progressive in nature. Each student must complete the previous level before the subsequent one can be taken. For more information, please contact your requested coach.


Live 5-Day Intensive, January 5-9, Tampa, Florida*


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Level 1 & 2 with America’s #1 Confidence Coach Married Couple: $3,000 Sign Up Today!




Leaders of Destiny Coaching Package System - $147


  • Live Leaders of Destiny Seminar Video with America’s #1 Confidence Coach, Keith Johnson
  • Leaders of Destiny—Get Clear, Get Focused, Get Moving Ebook
  • Leaders of Destiny—12-Step Coaching Guide Ebook
  • Destiny Arrow PDF Tool

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Leaders of Destiny Book (softcover) - $10.00 Purchase Now!

Purchase Now!Confidence at Work—30-Day Guide to Boosting Confidence, Unleashing Potential, and Achieving Success. E-Book $19

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